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Don’t Conduct Your Raffle Like the “Big Boys”

If you attended an NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, or MLS game in Texas over the past couple of years, you may have seen the home team conduct a raffle as a fundraiser for their own charity or foundation. By state law, these teams are allowed to hostRead more

4 Important Fundraising Questions for Youth Sports and Booster Clubs

Here are four questions that every board and committee member should be able to answer about their fundraising efforts. 1. What defines a sponsorship versus an advertisement? For tournaments and other events, it is imperative to know the difference because one qualifies as a possible tax-deductible contributionRead more

Texas Nonprofit Fundraisers and Sales Tax

Now that the holiday season has arrived, I’m seeing many nonprofits promoting their holiday fundraising sales. Everything from candy and fruit cake to gift wrap and candles is available as well as events such as carnivals, breakfasts with Santa, and more. Are you aware of how TexasRead more

Did yesterday’s election affect nonprofit organizations?

If you voted in Texas yesterday, you saw a proposed constitutional amendment on your ballot addressing certain organizations’ ability and qualifications to hold charitable raffles. If your organization has ever conducted or plans to conduct a raffle to raise funds, are you well-versed in the law? WhenRead more

Increasing Donor Involvement Through the Art of Acknowledgement

Few organizations have truly harnessed the power of simple, yet powerful methods for acknowledging donors and event sponsors. Be aware, however, that by “acknowledgement,” I am not referring to just the “thank you” note for a contribution. I am referring to donor engagement to lead a donor from theRead more